Window Wells are important in many different ways. Window Wells are a building code element and should be installed with a large enough projection to allow you to have egress in the event of a hazard in the basement. When installed by an experienced installer, window wells can provide a variety of positive benefits.

First, they are an important safety addition to your home. They add an additional basement emergency exit in case of a potentially dangerous hazard.

Window wells help to keep dirt away from your windows, eliminating the possibility of water flowing back in through your windows. Any water that may collect in the well is carried through the window drops, down the wall and into the weeping tile system.

Window wells also allow a greater amount of light to be able to enter through the window making your basement brighter and more welcoming with more natural daylight.

Key Benefits

  • Provides egress in the case of an emergency
  • Keeps dirt away from windows so that no water can flow back in through the windows
  • Allows light to enter into the basement through the window

Window Well Options

Galvanized Steel Window Wells

The more traditional window well, a galvanized steel window well provides structural integrity and durability.

Custom Window Wells

Looking for something that’s a little nicer to look at than the traditional window well? Our custom options might be the choice for you.

These wooden window wells provide the strength and durability while also providing a nicer view from the basement. Notice the built-in step in the second picture to allow for easy basement egress.











Window Well Covers

Open basement window wells are accidents waiting to happen and window well grates are the most effective solution for keeping your home safe.

Our basement window well grates are engineered from attractive high quality tempered aluminum that will hold up to 400 pounds, yet are light enough to allow for easy egress from your home. Our grates won’t rust or require painting and offer a unique design that allows 90% of the natural light to enter your basement window well.