Causes and Types of Foundation Cracks

In Ottawa, one of the main culprits of foundation cracks is the freeze-thaw cycle. That’s why it is so important to regularly check your home for foundation cracks.

There are many different types of foundation cracks, some more serious than others. Some of the most common types of foundation cracks include:

  • Step cracks – they are found in cinder block or brick foundations. They are horizontal and vertical cracking between blocks (in a “step” formation). These cracks can allow water to get in.

step crack in cinderblock foundation wall step crack in brick wall

  • Horizontal cracks – can indicate a major structural issue. A wall may be compromised due to hydrostatic pressure and may buckle. This is one of the leading causes of foundation cracking and water seepage.

horizontal crack

  • Vertical cracks – can be the result of concrete shrinkage during the curing process. In this case, the crack can be repaired with a polyurethane crack injection.

If you have multiple cracks or are unsure of the type of cracks you have, give Foundation Works a call. We can diagnose your foundation cracks and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.


Foundation Crack Repair

Depending on the type of foundation crack, there are different options for foundation crack repair. It can be as simple as a polyurethane crack injection to a more extensive foundation repair and waterproofing.

Rest assured, when Foundation Works is on your side, we ensure we are using the right solution for the job to minimize the expense.

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